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Home Party Plan Tips to Grow Your Network Marketing Downline

by Chuck H.
(Frederick, MD)

One of my favorite ways to build my downline is to use in home parties. What I like most about the party-plan is that you can share your products and business opportunity with 5-10 or more prospects at the same time. Not only does this give you immediate sales, but you also get referrals and potential distributors.

In order to achieve success, you need to prepare. You must "prepare" the host so they know exactly what to do. This includes teaching them how to properly invite their guests. Additionally, you should spend some time to show them how to "set up" their home and stage the food and supplies.

When you arrive at the house, you need to look sharp. This means you should wear business attire and be well groomed. You should also make it a key point to start on time and finish on time.

During the in home party, you should follow an agenda and have fun. Make the guests feel welcome. Be calm and poised. Don't forget to demonstrate the products and let your clients sample the items.

At the end of your in home party, you need to take orders from the customers. Hopefully, you brought plenty of inventory with you so you can fulfill their orders right away. If not, make sure you place their product orders the following day. Also, don't forget to collect everyone's contact information and follow up with them at a later date.

Your most important step is to get referrals and book additional parties. This will keep the momentum going in your business and help you make more money.

You can learn more about the Home Party Plans by visiting our website.

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