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Network Marketing Plan – Taking Action to Achieve your Business Goals

To contiue with our network marketing plan, we must now turn your attention to the second and most important component of the network marketing success formula – Action. You can set yourself the most achievable goal in the world, but if you fail to act upon it, the chance of success is slim. Any life coach will tell you that unless you are actively involved in achieving your goal, it is a goal that you will never achieve. Therefore the most important element to your network marketing plan of success is in the actions you take to achieve your goals.

Goals + Actions = Results

If you haven’t already started you network marketing business plan, please go back to step 1 and review the page on how to set a SMART business goal.

Developing and making a commitment to your network marking business plan is an absolute MUST if you want to succeed in this business. Just like any goal in life, setting the goal is easy, taking the action to achieve it is the hard part. Your network marketing business will be no different, however you can almost guarantee that success comes to those who are committed enough to take the right action and are willing to persist to achieve their dreams.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved”
– William Jennings Bryan

When brainstorming your network marketing plan of attack it is important to remember that taking action to achieve your goal requires commitment and although there will be many obstacles that you will face along the way, these are simply a way of separating the uncommitted from those who truly deserve success.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”
– Colin Powell

Network marketing is the ideal success vehicle, but it is important to understand that it needs to be fuelled by passion, desire and persistence for it to take you to your destination. Therefore before we can move on, you must be willing to make a long term commitment to your business to ensure your success.

Developing Your Network Marketing Business Plan

The main concept behind network marketing is a business model that is designed to assist a parent network marketing company to distribute their products into the marketplace and there are essentially only 2 ways in which network marketers can achieve this outcome:
  • Build an active customer base (people who buy your products)
  • Build a downline of independent distributors who also build an active customer base
Therefore to establish your network marketing business, your action plan should be tailored towards developing a customer base and /or building the size of your downline such that they can assist you to expand your customer base. This concept is generally not new to people who work in the network marketing industry, however it is important that we understand this basic concept, because to become successful in this business we need to tailor our network marketing business plan towards achieving these outcomes.

Now that we have identified the company goals, there are basically 3 aspects of your business that are going to need consistent effort; the growth of your organisation, the consolidation of your customer base and everyday management of your business. It is a good idea to consider these when developing your network marketing business plan.

Growth of your Network Marketing Business

In order for your business to grow you need to be prospecting and arguably the best investment you could possibly make in network marketing is the time invested to develop your prospecting technique. For this reason we have dedicated a whole chapter of this website towards developing your prospecting technique. Growth also takes into consideration the personal growth and development of your team. It is important to remember however, that training only becomes effective once it has been put into action.

“Action is the real measure of intelligence” – Napoleon Hill

Business Consolidation

Consolidation of your business refers to the retention of your customer base and your downline distributors. Dedicating time towards consolidating your business is an important part of network marketing plan as it is generally easier to retain existing customers than what it is to find new ones.
  • Retention of your customer-base can be achieved through adding a perceived value to the product or service, ultimately adding to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Retention of downline distributors can be achieved through building a relationship and establishing a supportive network that is willing to assist distributors to achieve their goals.
For more information on consolidation we have put together a page which discusses consolidation of your network marketing business.

Business Management

Business management takes into consideration the administrative side of your business, which includes tasks such as scheduling of appointments, product orders (eg autoships), managing cash-flow and taxes, ordering of marketing tools etc. While business management is an important part to any business model, it generally does not earn any income and therefore streamlining this aspect of your business is important.

To create a successful network marketing business you will need to satisfy all 3 elements of your business.

network marketing business plan

For the majority of people reading this chapter who are still in the process of trying to establish their business, “growth” is the most important element for you to work on and therefore your network marketing plan should reflects this. In particular learning to prospect the right way can significantly impact on the growth of your business.

Summary of actions to consider when developing a successful network marketing plan:

  • Make a long-term commitment to your business and recognise that every failure gets you one step closer to success

  • Build your organisation through a process known as prospecting where you actively find your customers and downline distributors

  • Consolidate your business and retain your customer base through establishing a supportive network and customer satisfaction.

  • Streamline the everyday management of your business, such that you can focus your efforts towards growth and consolidation
One final point to remember is that taking action doesn’t necessarily ensure success, particularly in the short term, however if you are willing to make a commitment to your network marketing plan and learn from your mistakes, persistence will be very rewarding.

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” – Bill Bradley

Next we suggest you review common network marketing mistakes and how to avoid them, following which we will work on developing your prospecting technique to get you started on the road to success.

Download our free goal setting template so that you can start you network marketing business plan.

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