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Network Marketing Prospecting

A chapter designed to improve your prospecting technique and build your downline

Network marketing prospecting is arguably the most important skill to master when looking to establish your network marketing business and therefore it is important you invest some time towards developing your technique. For this reason we have dedicated a whole chapter towards how to improve your prospecting success.

As the name suggests, network marketing is essentially a sales and marketing business. The problem with this is that there are very few network marketers who have tertiary qualifications in sales or marketing. Therefore it is important that you dedicate some of your training time towards learning some basic sales and social marketing principles such that you can develop your prospecting technique.

In this chapter we will teach you some essential marketing knowledge and show you how to promote your business opportunity even if you feel uncomfortable being a salesperson. Not only do we hope to make it easy, but also such that you can have fun along the way.

Note: Whilst all networkers are keen to start building a downline as soon as they get started in their business (and this chapter can show you how) we encourage you to first (if you haven’t already) review our Network Marketing Product Prospecting Chapter and learn why finding customers and promoting your products should be your main priority.

Network Marketing Prospecting Chapter Contents:

  • Network Marketing Sales Training: Network marketing is a sales business and therefore it’s important that you understand some basic sales principles. Regardless of your prospecting technique there are a few basic concepts that every network marketer should know.
  • Professional Prospecting Technique: Learn how to take a professional prospecting approach to network marketing and more importantly how to get the basics right. Learn the importance of building a relationship, prequalifying your prospects, identifying their hot buttons and why pre-selling is more important than selling.
  • Building a Downline: Learn the best way to present your business opportunity without blatantly trying to sell your business. Learn how you can get your prospects to want you to provide them with an opportunity.
  • Preparing the follow up The follow up is the most important part of the prospecting process, therefore a little bit of thought and time should be dedicated to ensure you are well prepared.
  • Closing the deal (The follow up part 2): Learn how by asking the right questions you are both in control of the conversation and the way they respond. The final step to securing success.
  • Prospecting Training Tools: Provides you with a list of training tools that can help you to further develop your prospecting technique (coming soon).

This chapter has been written similar to a chapter of a book and therefore you will benefit most if you read through each page in order. Start at the bottom of this page and we’ll step you through each subheading the way in which they are meant to be read. Skipping ahead too early could make you miss a valuable lesson.

Network marketing is a business for life, so do not worry if you don’t remember every detail within this network marketing prospecting chapter. You have plenty of time to fine-tune your prospecting technique, so come back to us and update your skills regularly. Why not join our network marketing blog such that you receive all of our updates.

Additionally there has been a lot of time and effort put into creating this FREE chapter such that you could benefit, therefore in the true sense of networking we encourage you to share this information with others and refer this network marketing training website to your colleagues.

Important note: Just like our Getting Started Network Marketing Training Chapter, and our Network Marketing Product Prospecting Chapter which you should have completed by now, the role of this chapter is to build on, not replace the training that you should have received from your company when you joined the business. Additionally you will benefit most from this chapter when you complete the activities and practise these skills with your sponsor or upline distributors.

To start this network marketing prospecting chapter lets’ review some key prospecting sale principles.

Happy Network Marketing Prospecting!

Whilst we encourage you to share the content of this website, please remember this Network Marketing Prospecting Chapter is protected by international copyright laws. If you own a website and would like to share this information with your colleagues, we suggest you link to this webpage. If you're not sure how please contact us.


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