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Keys To Network Marketing Success


The key to network marketing success is in the understanding and appreciation of the network marketing business model and in particular the concept of product distribution. Network marketers make money by distributing products into the marketplace, earning a commission based the volume of product that moves through their business. Therefore, the key to network marketing success is in establishing a stream of customers who are willing to buy your product range, become preferred customers (repeat customers) or who are willing to join your organisation and help you to expand your customer base.

This concept is generally not new to most network marketers and therefore in this chapter we’re going to focus not only on what is required to have a successful network marketing business but also how to establish your business such that it runs itself and you can earn a walkaway residual income.

To start with we’re going to focus on how to expand your customer base and in particular the importance of leads (potential customers). One of the biggest lessons that we can teach people who are looking to take their network marketing business to the next level is that unless you have leads, you cannot continue to grow your network marketing business.

The good news is that the network marketing industry continues to evolve and today it is easier than ever to find new customers. Gone are the days where network marketing was limited to prospecting your friends and family into joining your network marketing company and for them to do the same. Although these methods are still commonly practiced and great for new comers, one of the biggest advancements of the industry in recent years was the introduction of the internet which truly has put the ‘net’ into network marketing.

In this chapter we will step you through the process that will ultimately ensure your long term success, however for you to obtain maximum benefit from this chapter, you will need to ensure that your network marketing business is already established. Therefore if you’re only just getting started in your network marketing business please fast track your success by referring to our Initial Network Marketing Training Chapter that is designed to help get you started.

Okay, let’s show you how to build a walkaway residual income. We know that the network marketing industry is driven by product distribution and that we need customers (leads) to ensure our success. Therefore to make things simple we have summarised how to achieve network marketing success into a 3 step process.

3 Steps to Network Marketing Success

Take your time to work your way through these steps as we help you to take your network marketing business to the next level.

Start your road to network marketing success and learn the importance of generating leads


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